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Icd-10 documentation example - medical auditing - aapc. Example • a laboratory should bill cpt code 80048, (basic metabolic panel), when coding for a calcium, cpt: ® surgery coding guidelines Cpt: surgery coding guidelines.

2.09: CPT Modifiers. Since medical procedures and services are often complex, we sometimes need to supply additional information when we're coding. CPT Modifiers, like modifiers in the English language, provide additional information about the procedure. In English, a modifier may describe the who, what, how, why, CPT Modifiers in Billing and Coding - Medical Billing and Coding Unlisted Procedure Codes. What is an Unlisted Code? Unlike other CPT codes, unlisted codes do not describe a specific procedure or service. Some examples of unlisted codes used in orthopedics are: • 27599 Unlisted procedure, femur or knee. • 29999 Unlisted procedure, arthroscopy. • 27899 Unlisted procedure, leg or Unlisted Procedure Codes - Frequently Asked - Zimmer Biomet Sequential procedure. 10. CPT “Separate procedure” definition. 10. More extensive procedure. 10. Gender-specific procedures. 11. Standards of medical/surgical practice. 11. Anesthesia service included in surgical procedure. 11. Laboratory panel. 11. Deleted/modified edits for NCCI. 12. Misuse of column two code with correct coding initiative's - 15 Dec 2017 Overview1. Some services or procedures performed by providers might not have specific Current Procedure Codes (CPT) or HCPCS codes. When submitting claims for these services or procedures that are not otherwise specified, unlisted codes are des- ignated. Unlisted codes provide the means of Unlisted and Unspecified Procedure Codes - Harvard Pilgrim Health National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI) Tool CPT Modifier 78. Description: Unplanned return to the operating room by the same physician following initial procedure for a related procedure during the postoperative period. Guidelines/Instructions: Submit this modifier to indicate that another procedure was performed during Palmetto GBA: , CPT Modifier 78