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+20931. +20936. +20937. +20938. e.g., bone chips. e.g., bone dowel. e.g., bone from laminectomy via same incision as fusion. e.g., crushed bone harvested from iliac crest. e.g., bone cortex graft from iliac crest. Use of Bone Graft: PLIF or TLIF with Posterior Instrumentation. Procedure Description. CPT®. Comments. 22630.cpt coding examples - Medtronic October 22, 2015. Question: We've been told we cannot bill +22851 and +20931 with the ACDF code, 22551. Is this true? Answer: It is true if you are thinking about reporting +22851 (intervertebral device) and +20931 (structural allograft) at the same spinal level. For example, you would not use a PEEK device (+22851) and +22851 vs. +20931 - KarenZupko&Associates, Inc as shown in Table C. CPT® guidelines allow for reporting each bone graft code once per operative session. Table C: Commonly-used add-on bone graft codes in spine surgery. Type. Morselized. Structural. Allograft (donor bone). +20930. +20931. Autograft (patient's bone). +20936, +20937. +20938. From the operative Procedure Coding Made Simple - Karen Zupko 31 May 2011 Use code 20930 for a morselized allograft that is purchased or code 20931 for a structural allograft that is purchased. Bill the implant with code L8699 or other valid code for the purchased implant for allografts. CPT 20936 is for a morcellized autograft used in spine procedures which are obtained "through Surgery Center Coding Guidance: Grafts Used in Spine Surgery CPT® CODE1. PROCEDURE DESCRIPTION. ALLOGRAFT &. AUTOGRAFT. 20930. Allograft, morselized, or placement of osteopromotive material, for spine surgery only (list separately in addition to code for primary procedure). 20931. Allograft, structural, for spine surgery only (list separately in addition to code for primary NuVasive® REIMBURSEMENT GUIDE 10 Mar 2017 Then, choose an appropriate standalone code and any associated add-on codes (noted by the “+” sign in CPT®) for the decompression. Examples of +20931 Allograft, structural, for spine surgery only (List separately in addition to code for primary procedure) include a fibular strut graft and a machine Procedure Coding Made Simple - AAPC Knowledge Center 17 Jan 2017 Good Morning! Hoping to get some insight on new CPT 22853-22859 for spinal instrumentation biomechnical devices. I code for anesthesia only and delete.22853 cpt biomech devices - AAPC 1 Dec 2014 Structural allograft, CPT code 20931, is reported once per same surgical session, regardless of the number of allografts used. Even in its original description, Cloward emphasized the need for concomitant fusion at the time of the anterior cervical discectomy in order to prevent the possibility of developing ISASS Policy Statement - Cervical Interbody - NCBI - NIH 23 Jun 2015 “UNL” indicates the CPT code as unlisted, and therefore Non-Facility or Facility RVUs cannot be calculated. CPT®. CODE. Description. Facility. Non-Facility. RVUs. Medicare. Average. Payment. RVUs. Medicare. Average. Payment. +20931. Allograft, structural, for spine surgery only (List separately in code it - Wright Medical Pollock and Romano: We agree this can be confusing because the code descriptions are so similar. However, when you look at the codes carefully, you will see the differences. The Table below, which has the key differences in the code descriptions bolded, should help. CPT 63005 is generally used for removal of the Clarification provided on ACDF codes, difference between - Healio 16 Jan 2013 20930. 22319, 22532, 22533, 22548-22558, 22590-22612, 22630, 22633, 22634, 22800-22812. 20931. 22319, 22532, 22533, 22548-22558, 22590-22612, 22630, 22633, 22634, 22800-22812. TYPE I - CPT MANUAL DEFINES ALL ACCEPTABLE PRIMARY CODES. (BASED ON 2013 CPT MANUAL ) R2636CP - CMS 17 Mar 2006 “0” to a “2” for CPT codes 20931, 20937, and 20938. The emergency update to the 2006 MPFSDB reinstated the multiple procedure indicators for these codes to a “0” effective January 1, 2006. Also, in the October 2005 update to the MPFSDB, the bilateral surgical indicators were inadvertently changed Bulletin Number: xxxxxx - CMS Both surgeons would list CPT code 22554-62 when submitting the claim. Each surgeon would dictate personal operative notes describing the distinct part of the procedure performed. Dr. Otolaryngology would dictate the approach and then turn the dictation over to Dr. Spine. Dr. Spine would begin his operative note stating Coding when there is more than one surgeon - AAOS Archives