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15 Feb 2016 For example, when one view of a unilateral hip is performed, code 73501 should be reported. However, if the study is performed along with one view of the pelvis, this is a total of two views and, therefore, the correct CPT code to report the study is 73502, Radiologic examinations, hip, unilateral 2-3 views.clarify new radiology xray code HIPS - AAPC 1 Jan 2016 These will replace deleted codes 72010, 72069, and 72090; and the revision of code 72080. According to CPT®, “these changes simplify the reporting 73501 Radiologic examination, hip, unilateral, with pelvis when performed; 1 view. 73502 2-3 views. 73503 minimum of 4 views. 73550 femur 2 views.Changes to X-Ray Codes for 2016 - American Chiropractic 23 Nov 2015 Learn how the MPFS Final Rule for 2016 and associated CPT coding changes impact radiology practices and what steps are needed to maximize practice Many of the coding changes come from Medicare's identification of two or more codes that are frequently billed together, with the result that a new How the 2016 Coding Changes will Affect Radiology Practices Therefor when a single view of the hip and a single view of the pelvis are both performed, code 73502 (Radiologic examination, hip, unilateral, with pelvis when performed; 2-3 views) will be used. CPT Code 73501, Radiologic examination, hip, unilateral, with pelvis when performed; 1 view, is a single view examination and How to Report Hip and Pelvis Views for Radiology Coding This article provides a high-level overview of the new 2016 CPT® Procedures codes for radiology services. There are fewer coding changes in diagnostic imaging than in interventional services this year, so we will address those in this issue. Code 73502 includes two or three views of the hip with or without pelvis.Diagnostic Coding Changes for 2016 - Radiology Today Magazine Hip Studies. • Deleted CPT's. ➢73500/73510/73520/73530/73540. ✓73500/72170 billed together 75%. ✓73520 high utilization Hip Example. • Single view unilateral hip and single view of the pelvis. – 73502 (2 vws). • Single view of bilateral hip. – 73521 (2 vws). • Single view bilateral hip with image of pelvis. – 73522 (3 Radiology Coding - ADVOCATE 21 Oct 2015 The update to the CPT® book for 2016 includes 383 new, revised, and deleted codes affecting every section of the book. With 60 changes Eight new codes (73501, 73502, 73503, 73521, 73522, 73522, 73551, and 77352) bundle together hip and pelvis radiologic exams, for instance. In addition, new 2016 Radiology CPT Code Update Typified by Bundling, Greater modifier -50 to the usual procedure code number. (Reimbursement will not exceed 160% of the maximum State Medical Fee Schedule amount. One claim line is to be billed representing the bilateral procedure. Amount billed should reflect total amount due.) -76 Repeat Procedure by Same Physician: The physician may Procedure Codes for Physician: Radiology - eMedNY 0028T, CPT Code. 0042T, CPT Code. 0043T, CPT Code. 0067T, CPT Code. 0068T, CPT Code. 0069T, CPT Code. 00700, CPT Code. 00702, CPT Code. 0070T, CPT Code. 0073T, CPT Code. 0145T, CPT Code. 01462, CPT Code. 01464, CPT Code. 0146T, CPT Code. 01470, CPT Code. 01472, CPT Code. 01474, CPT CMS1500 Type of Service (TOS) Codes 4: Diagnostic Radiology